AdvanSiD (ASD)

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AdvanSiD is a start‐up semiconductor company producing silicon radiation detectors and dedicated read‐out and interface electronics born in 2010 as a spin‐off initiative from FBK research centre. Besides providing state‐of‐the art silicon processing for detectors manufacturing, with particular focus on SiPM devices, AdvanSiD specializes on the packaging technology for silicon detectors with deep know‐how on the materials and assembly techniques most suited for optical microelectronics devices. The portfolio of AdvanSiD comprises the competences in the design, assembly, and testing of complete detection systems integrating the silicon sensor and the electronics. The coexistence of complementary technical competences in ASD allow unique capability in providing full dedicated solution tailored on customers’ needs and specific application requirements.

The main tasks attributed to ASD in this project are the design, fabrication, packaging and testing of the SiPM detectors to be employed in the PET modules constituting the PET/MR imaging system (WP3). According to system specifications, performances target, and PET module geometry, ASD will develop dedicated SiPMs by customizing the cell-size, the SiPM pitch, and the overall SiPM size. The detectors will be produced with the most advanced available SiPM technology in order to ensure high detection efficiency, fast response and low noise.

Besides the development of the silicon sensors, ASD will take care of the packaging of the silicon dies designing and producing a customly developed chip-scale package for the photodetection modules. ASD will finally carry out full electrical functional testing of the produced detector modules. Another task attributed to ASD is the participation in the development of the read-out electronics (ASIC) with the aim to maximize the performances of the fabricated SiPM detectors by matching detectors characteristics with the most appropriate read-out electronics schemes.