Raytest GmbH (RAY)

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Raytest Isotopenmeßgeräte GmbH was formed in 1980 by Mr. Günter Dietzel who has a degree in nuclear technology. RAY was dedicated to instrumentation in the field of pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications. After more than 30 years of experience working closely together with major pharmaceutical companies and the clinical nuclear medicine community all over the world, Raytest is today the global market leader in quality control equipment for PET tracers. Raytest key products also include advanced PET tracers synthesis units and preclinical PET scanners.

Raytest will contribute to the design and build the PET ring in WP3. This will include optimizing the scintillating crystals, reflecting materials and the array assembly.
A major task will be the design and build the mechanical systems required to combine the PET modality with MRI (WP4). Raytest will be responsible for activities in WP6 and in particular for the design of the ergonomic bed system for patient positioning and monitoring and the development of a user interface for the complete system based on the input from clinicians, the design and optimization of external cover, connections, workstations and scanner appearance. The determination of what certifications are required in EU and US and initiate the procedures will be Raytest tasks as well as the ensurance that the device complies with all regulations in the medical field. Raytest will be also responsible for the development of the marketing strategy and for the elaboration of a plan to ramp up manufacturing capacity.