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RS2D develops and markets its products and services in the field of MRI and NMR; it has been doing so for the last 10 years.
The customers are mainly public research laboratories (70%), but also private companies in the domain of chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology. RS2D is the only company in Europe providing refurbished NMR systems and all the services correlated to the NMR and research MRI business. The company has installed about 200 systems all over Europe.
Founded in 2003, RS2D has a capital of 120.000 €, and the main share holders are Remy Schimpf (73,2%), founder and president, and Alsace-Creation (16,7%), a local investor.
RS2D employs presently 10 people, including 6 engineers and 3 technicians that all are specialized in the field of MRI and/or NMR.

In the TRIMAGE project, RS2D will be in charge of the design, development, assemble and test of the 1.5 T clinical brain MR scanner. The goal is to create a dedicated brain scanner, which is very compact and easy to use, that is able to include the PET ring and based on new technologies, like superconducting magnet without cryogenics fluids, very short gradient coils, dedicated RF coils, fully integrated proprietary electronics in terms of hardware architecture and software development.