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Weeroc is a spin-off company from a leading team in microelectronics from CNRS/IN2P3 to offer a technology transfer of applied R&D from fundamental research in particle and nuclear physics to the industry. Weeroc designs and provides beyond-state-of-the-art Photodetector read-out integrated circuit issued from technologies used in particle physics. Weeroc has an expertise in high-end microelectronics designs and address three markets: spatial, scientific instrumentation and medical imaging.

WRC will design, test and produce the front-end electronics to read-out the SiPM provided by ASD for the inner PET detector. The work will consist of the design of a front-end ASIC and a front-end board that will allow an unprecedented level of integration for a photodetection system for PET using SiPM. The work will be based on previous ASIC design of the team and will be improved to achieve the technological breakthrough of the PET design for the TRIMAGE project.

The prototyping will include the production and test of the 60 PET read-out module that will be embedded in the PET system. A PET read-out module is composed of a front-end board and its front-end ASICs.