Work Packages

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The project is split in eight Work-packages:

  • WP1: Project management. Leader: Alberto Del Guerra, UNIPI (M1-M48)
  • WP2: Corroboration of clinical evidences on mental disorders and data mining. Leader: Karsten Heekeren, PUK (M1-M36)
  • WP3: Design and optimization of the PET system. Leader: Nicola Belcari, UNIPI (M1-M36)
  • WP4: MR design, building and testing. Leader: Julien Muller, RS2D (M1-M38)
  • WP5: Image reconstruction, MR-based attenuation correction, parametric imaging for PET. Leader: Jorge Cabello, TUM (M1-M40)
  • WP6: EEG/PET/MR integration and system engineering. Leader: Jon Shah, FZJ (M6-M42)
  • WP7: Clinical validation of the multimodality imaging prototype. Leader: Irene Neuner, JRB (M1-M48)
  • WP8: Dissemination/Exploitation activities. Leader: Theodora Christopoulou, TEIA (M1-M48)