Work Package 1

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Project management. Leader: Alberto Del Guerra, UNIPI (M1-M48)

This WP is focused on project supervision with a particular aim in strengthening the collaboration of the partners. The main activities of this WP concern the monitoring and management of the agreed deliverables and milestones in the contract between the consortium and the Commission, and the smooth running of the project as a whole, from both a scientific and administrative point of view. The organization of Project and Committees meeting is part of this WP. The relationships between the Project Coordinator and the other entities will be managed in this WP.


  • WP1: Project management. Leader: Alberto Del Guerra, UNIPI (M1-M48)
  • WP2: Corroboration of clinical evidences on mental disorders and data mining. Leader: Karsten Heekeren, PUK (M1-M36)
  • WP3: Design and optimization of the PET system. Leader: Nicola Belcari, UNIPI (M1-M30)
  • WP4: MR design, building and testing. Leader: Julien Muller, RS2D (M1-M33)
  • WP5: Image reconstruction, MR-based attenuation correction, parametric imaging for PET. Leader: Jorge Cabello, TUM (M13-M38)
  • WP6: EEG/PET/MR integration and system engineering. Leader: Jon Shah, FZJ (25-M38)
  • WP7: Clinical validation of the multimodality imaging prototype. Leader: Irene Neuner, JRB (M34-M48)
  • WP8: Dissemination/Exploitation activities. Leader: Theodora Christopoulou, TEIA (M1-M48)