Work Package 8

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Dissemination/Exploitation activities. Leader: Theodora Christopoulou, TEIA (M1-M48)

WP8 will i) ensure efficient communication and dissemination of project outcomes; ii) train new scientists who will participate in the project; iii) organize international events for knowledge transfer to interested scientists and iv) organize and monitor outreach activities, for dissemination of project results to general public. In addition it will cover all necessary activities to i) exploit project results, ii) conduct market strategy, iii) preserve the SMEs the necessary level of intellectual property protection and iv) carry out Intellectual Property Rights study.


  • WP1: Project management. Leader: Alberto Del Guerra, UNIPI (M1-M48)
  • WP2: Corroboration of clinical evidences on mental disorders and data mining. Leader: Karsten Heekeren, PUK (M1-M36)
  • WP3: Design and optimization of the PET system. Leader: Nicola Belcari, UNIPI (M1-M30)
  • WP4: MR design, building and testing. Leader: Julien Muller, RS2D (M1-M33)
  • WP5: Image reconstruction, MR-based attenuation correction, parametric imaging for PET. Leader: Jorge Cabello, TUM (M13-M38)
  • WP6: EEG/PET/MR integration and system engineering. Leader: Jon Shah, FZJ (25-M38)
  • WP7: Clinical validation of the multimodality imaging prototype. Leader: Irene Neuner, JRB (M34-M48)
  • WP8: Dissemination/Exploitation activities. Leader: Theodora Christopoulou, TEIA (M1-M48)